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Mattress Care

How do I take care of my new mattress/bed?

To get the most benefit from your new mattress or bed, we strongly advise that you follow the manufacturer's instruction.
One of the most important things to do with a new mattress is to completely turn it over, this must be done very frequently in the first few months i.e. weekly. The reason for this is that it helps the distribution and settling of the upholstery filling. Going back to 'Choosing the correct bed', if you are on your own, or feel that you are not going to have time to turn your mattress, please consider the 'Non-turn' mattress option, such mattresses on the site are clearly marked.

Use a washable, protective cover to retain the newness of your mattress. These are lightweight, hypoallergenic (ideal for asthma sufferer's), a good idea for every bed in the house.

When making your bed, leave the covers back for a while, this lets the bed air and for any body moisture to evaporate.Carefully vacuum your mattress and base from time to time, a build up of dust can have a major effect on people who suffer from allergies. If anyone in your household has asthma, please consider the Health Beds range, it will have a dramatic effect on their health.
Check screws and fixings regularly to ensure that they are firmly in place. All bases should be securely in place and fixed in line to the manufacturer's instructions.

Letting the children use your new bed as a trampoline may be fun, however, it is not good for the mattress.