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Staples have been making quality handmade beds since 1895 and haven this time refused to compromise on their high standards. Staples Beds have been helping generations of customers get a good night's sleep every night waking up fresh every morning.

Staples have a long tradition of quality craftsmanship with up to ten turns of wire per spring and the very best natural fillings, each mattress is hand made by our highly skilled craftsmen and women.

All Staples mattresses are individually upholstered and have pocketed springing, memory foam or talalay latex or a combination. Each spring is held under slight tension in an individual pocket, while the foam mattresses offer a unique sleeping experience.

Traditional tufting is important when securing the generous quantities of fillings employed. Modern envelope style quilted surfaces are used on the Memory foam and latex models. The borders of most models are reinforced with side stitching, to give a firmer edge and prolong the life of the mattress.