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Bed Sets

Jensen ® Original Zone System.

The Jensen Zone System provides proper support for the entire body when at rest and asleep. The Zone System is based on self-evident and natural principles. Support for the curve of the back, in combination with a soft shoulder zone, is the key to an optimal sleep experience. Most people are broader in the hip and shoulder areas, and narrower around the waist. Because the task of the mattress is to support the body, the division into zones provides more equal and comfortable support where the shoulders and hips sink deeper into the mattress, with firmer support for the heavier waist area. The effect is the same, no matter whether you lie on your back or your side.

Our experts recommend that sleeping on your side or back will ensure your body is well rested after a comfortable night’s sleep. Other positions expose the body to higher loads while at rest. We assume that you are able physically to lie on your side or back, and that you have no health problems or handicaps that might make it impossible or difficult to do so. Getting used to a new way of lying in bed takes a little time and training. Once your body has become used to the new way of lying in bed you will find that you sleep more peacefully and are more rested when you wake up.