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IKEA Sized Mattresses

Amazing Emporium’s entire range of IKEA Sized Mattresses

At Amazing Emporium, we have a massive selection of mattresses so regardless of what you are looking for. IKEA size mattresses are perfect for continental beds. The IKEA sized mattresses are 10cm longer than British mattresses.


If it is a cot baby bed, a small single mattress, double, king, super king, emperor or a bespoke mattress size, we always have a solution for you.


If you can’t find the size you are looking for, use our special selector to find the size you want or please refer o our beds and mattress size chart.

 We specially produce the IKEA size mattress to match their bed. If you have an IKEA bed, get an IKEA size mattress here.


 Note: IKEA is a registered international brand. Their own products are only sold within their IKEA network. We can only provide you with our brand made to match IKEA sizes.