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AKVA Waterbed Motion Advice

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AKVA Waterbed Motion Advice

Product Information & Charactariatics Product Summary: Waterbed Motion Advice relies on the amount of stabilization fabric layers inside the mattress. Waterbed Motion Assistance Waterbed expansion has been improved over the years. Gone are the days when a waterbed would feel like you are lying on a inflatable pool air bed. You now have the choice of the level of water movement inside the mattress, to precisely your choice of movement. When you are looking for a free flow waterbed or a wave less waterbed (sometimes concerned as a motionless waterbed) you can choose the volume of Stabilization layers inside the mattress.
Product Description:
Stabilization layers are layers of fabric in the mattress which reduce the waterbed movement. Without Stabilization layers, the waterbed will settle in about 25 seconds. The more layers applied to the mattress, the more stable the waterbed is. A standard full motion or free flow waterbed mattress is normally referred to as a F0 mattress and less wave or motionless mattress is a F6. A motionless waterbed mattress has a thick liquid gel feel and reacts slowly to your any movement.

An extra lumbar support can be put into the mattresses to give more support in the lower back area of your body.
Stabilization LEVEL
Water is the accompanying element, but with 13 a variety of Stabilization levels we can create your needs in terms of support and Stabilization. For the two-part mattress each side can be selected with a different Stabilization level. The diagram shows the different levels of Stabilization available.


An Akva waterbed provides you with a modern sleeping system manufactured using the latest technology and with due consideration to the environment.

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