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Akva Mont Ventoux Waterbed Headboard

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Akva Mont Ventoux Waterbed Headboard

Product Information & Charactariatics Product Summary: Akva Waterbed Mont Ventoux Headboard is supplied in decor or solid, oiled, white-oiled, soap-treated or stained (black, white, brown, mahogany, or grey) beech, with optional pillow. Mont Ventoux Headboard has different types of leather Pillow Set option for 2 pieces of pillow set like Nantes,Tara,Black/White leather,Coloured Leather(Elmo). The headboard is 2cm wider than the bed on each side.
Product Description:


  • Hight 88cm
  • Depth 10cm


When Ordering,Please state whether the headboard is to be installed on the wall or on the base. Akva waterbed Mont Ventoux Headboard only

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